Mohawk Veterinary Hospital

Client Reviews & Testimonials

"It brings my heart great peace, joy, and happiness as I confidently entrust the team at Mohawk Veterinary Clinic to manage my cat's health care needs. Over the years, I have seen each and every employee at Mohawk exceed expectations. They go above and beyond, always putting the needs of their patient first.

I would like to extend a special thank you to Tracy for always being cheerful and friendly when she answers the phone and for not smiling too big when she hands me my bill. And for helping me carry in cat crates without me asking for help. Somehow she knows the minute I arrive in the parking lot.

The vet tech that I know the best is JayCee, who saved a near death kitten for me by taking the kitten home with her to assess it every two hours during the night. Kitten woke up about 3:00 AM out of whatever kind of coma it was in and turned out to be absolutely fine. I just hate to call an adoptive parent and have to return their deposit because their chosen pet became ill and passed over to Rainbow Bridge. Thank you Jaycee for literally saving that kitty's life.

Lastly, my favorite vet in the whole wide world is Dr. Laura Johnson. I hold Dr. Johnson in such high esteem. I don't think I possess the vocabulary to describe how."

Bonnie Smith

"Dr. Laura and Miss Tracy have cared for all 5 of my dogs, and myself over the last 8 years. When it was time for two of my babies to head to the rainbow bridge they gave them such respect and tenderness and cried with me. They followed up to make sure I, as well as they're brothers, were doing alright through the grieving process. I would never think of trusting my dogs to anyone else!!!"

Anastazia BeaverHausen

"Dr. Laura is the best! She is wonderful with our 3 kitties and their very different personalities. Thank you Doctor Laura!"

Steven Call

"I Love this place. I take my dogs and cats here. It feels like a family here."

Collette C Cross

"Everyone who works at Mohawk is amazing!! I love when I would call to make an appt for my cat Bailey, and Traci answers the phone, all I have to do is say my name and she knows who I am!! I have taken Bailey here for the last 6 yrs. Everyone was beyond great when I had to put her to sleep a few weeks ago. Thank you to everyone for making it a little easier for me!!"

Stefani Malosh

"I have always come here because the service is great. They are so friendly and very quick. I love the great care they give to my furry babies. Thank you!"

Jennifer Ferrari

"Mohawk was so good to our dog after a fight with a nutria :( so thankful for their kindness and helpfulness!! He's on the mend now!!!"

Kady Yokum

"Very nice people and very helpful!!! And the girl at the front counter is SO NICE!!!!!"

Mark Bolton

"Caring technicians and a supportive owner. Mohawk is more than meets the eye."

Cierra Buer